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Emaux is a recognized global manufacturer and has been actively engaged in key water projects worldwide. We offer specialized products and services to swimming pools, spas, aquatic centers, water parks, aquaculture, public aquariums, water features, and water treatment projects. Distribution network in over 100 countries including China, Australia, France, Spain, Italy, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile, etc.

Galaxy Multi-Element Cartridge Filter

The Galaxy Multi-Element Cartridge Filter is designed to be the best in its class. Adopting the latest technology and constructed with non-corroding and durable materials, the Emaux Galaxy Cartridge Filter has a bigger filter area than most models on the market. The high-capacity tank partnered with the advanced multi-element raises hydraulic dirt-catching performance to new levels. Due to being eco and user-friendly, it’s the ideal choice for residential and commercial pools.

Galaxy Single-Element Cartridge Filter

Galaxy Single-Element Cartridge Filter is built with high-strength and UV-resistant material to prolong the product life. The compact and low height design is suitable for any pool especially with limited system setup space. The extensive dirt-catching capability of the filter element makes this filter highly efficient. A reliable choice for crystal clear water.

Ultra-Power Commercial Pump

Emaux Ultra-Power is a series of high-performance pumps designed to achieve the highest flows among similar pumps on the market. By utilizing state-of-the-art engineering, the one-piece molded pump body with a large capacity 8-liter strainer basket makes it unique among all comparable pumps. Built with corrosion and chemical resistant glass-reinforced thermoplastic and superior seawater graded mechanical seal guarantee a long working life.

E-Lumen X Underwater Light (English Version)

Equipped with state-of-the-art LED technology, E-Lumen X series light gives increased energy efficiency and lumen rate. The LED light adopts white (including cool white and warm white), red, green, blue (R, G, B) five basic colors of LED chips, with high color rendering and constant color over time and temperature. Also, E-Lumen X Series Light is equipped with a 2-core wire connector which is for the easy light replacement to satisfy the retrofit market.

E-Lumen X Underwater Light (Spanish Version)

Equipada con tecnología LED de última generación, la serie de luces E-Lumen X ofrece una mayor eficiencia energética y tasa de lúmenes. La luz LED adopta cinco colores básicos de chips LED: blanco (incluidos blanco frío y blanco cálido), rojo, verde, azul (R, G, B), con alta reproducción cromática y color constante a lo largo del tiempo y la temperatura. Además, la luz de la serie E-Lumen X está equipada con un conector de cable de 2 núcleos que permite reemplazar fácilmente la luz para satisfacer el mercado de modernización.

Volumetric Filter

The Volumetric Filter is engineered for the best clarity of filtered water and an outstanding pressure standard among the market benchmarks. The filter incorporates a multiport valve manufactured from robust components to create the most efficient, reliable, and user-friendly filter with the best value for money positioning in the market.


Residential Pool Installation

Share how to install in-ground and above-ground pools

Nano Tech MPUV Disinfection System - Changing Lamp

No Harmful Chemical, A Non-Toxic Alternative The NT-MPUV series of medium pressure ultraviolet units is designed to be an easy to install system giving a cost-effective solution for commercial disinfection and chloramine reduction.

Hydrau-Power Commercial Plastic Pump (APS Series Pump) Installation Guide

EXTREMELY HIGH HYDRAULIC EFFICIENCY OF 88-91% For commercial pools, aquatic parks, and seawater facilities The Emaux Hydrau-Power pump is a series of powerful and robust pumps engineered for applications requiring high flow capability and efficiency. The pump is constructed with high strength and corrosion-resistant thermoplastic materials and equipped with a large capacity strainer.

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