Outlet Fittings - Main Drain

Outlet Fittings - Main Drain

Main Drain

The Main Drain is designed to prevent groundwater from intruding the pool. Main and Gutter are constructed with injection molded ABS and PVC while featuring a dome-shaped cover. It can be mounted on the floor of both concrete and vinyl pool.

2” Main Drain (EM2833)

Model: EM2833HC

Model: EM2833C/2833V

Code: 89140501 Hydrostatic Relief Valve

Code: 01051155 Valve Collection Tube

1.5" Main Drain EM2832

Model: EM2832

Gutter Drain EM2819

Model: EM2819

Round Drain Cover EM2830

Model: EM2830

Square Drain Cover EM2812

Model: EM2812

Main Drain EM2837

Model: EM2837

Gutter Drain EM2838

Model: EM2838

Main Drain EM2839

Model: EM2839

Main Drain EM2840

Model: EM2840

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