Glass Filtration Media

For all types of swimming pool, water park and water features

Max Filter-MFV Series

For residential and semi-commercial pools


Due to its higher filtration qualities, Glass Filtration Media has largely replaced traditional silica sand. It improves the clarity of the water by removing finer impurities and saves water, power, and chemicals by requiring fewer backwashes.


  • Lighter than silica sand
  • Save water and power from backwashing
  • Longer operation life than silica sand due to higher attrition strength
  • Significantly improves water clarity compared to the performance of silica sand
  • Removes finer impurities than equivalent grade of silica sand
  • Cost-effective, a direct replacement for silica sand
  • Suitable for commercial potable water treatment, commercial rapid-rate re-use water filters, waste water treatment and sewage treatment (lattice structure ideal for biological control).
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