Ozo-Plus Ozone Generator

For pools & spas, water features, and biological filtration

Ozo-Plus Ozone Generator

For pools & spas, water features, and biological filtration


The Ozo-Plus is a very effective water disinfection and sanitation system, up to 3,000 times more powerful as a germicide than chlorine. Ozone not only can almost 100% kill of all bacteria, virus, and fungus in 0.05ppm without toxic residues, but also enhances the effectiveness of sand filter filtration to a crystal-clear water through direct oxidization and decomposition of organic waste. Ozone kills bacterial within 1-10 seconds by oxidative burst occurs over the cell wall during contact and cells die.

System Features

  • Simple to install and easy to operate
  • Compact design suitable for installation in limited plant room space.

How it works

The system consists of a corona discharge ozone generator and an automatic air dryer unit which can be used in combination to give ozone outputs from 4 – 8 g/h.

Ozone is produced when the air is passed over a ceramic dielectric ozone generating module containing a stainless steel electrode. The module is powered by a high voltage / high- frequency power board. Ozone is injected through a water-driven venturi, which ensures maximum safety against ozone gas leakage.

The air dryer unit contains twin desiccant dryer columns which are automatically heat regenerated controlled by a programmable relay system. When the air dryer system is used, the normal output of the generators is doubled.

Advantages of using ozone in pool

1. Reduces the use of chlorine or bromine by up to 90%
2. Highly effective against chlorine resistant pathogens, such as cryptosporidium & giardia
3. Reduces skin and eye irritation
4. Very low trihalomethanes levels
5. By flocculation effect, water clarity is significantly improved.

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