Galaxy IDE Filter

For residential & commercial pool and spa

Galaxy Multi-Element Cartridge Filter

For residential & commercial pool and spa


Emaux Galaxy IDE filters are known for their excellent filtration capabilities. The perlite or diatomaceous earth powder coats the filter grids, creating a fine, porous layer that can trap even the smallest particles, including dirt and debris. This results in cleaner and clearer pool water. They are particularly effective at removing microparticles, including fine dust, pollen, oils, and even some pathogens.

Product Features

  • User friendly

  • Trouble-free maintenance

  • Eco-Friendly

  • IDE filter element

  • Pressure gauge

  • Universal standard of union connection

Product Focus

Special Design for IDE Filter

Reinforced connections and frame

6-Way Multiport Valve For IDE Filter

Polypropylene cloth

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