E-Turbo Variable Speed Pump

For residential pool and water features

E-Turbo Variable Speed Pump

For residential pool and water features


The Emaux E-Turbo variable speed pump is a cutting-edge product that combines efficiency and reliability. It features a unique back cover design that reduces noise, increases durability and prevents electric shocks. It also has a superior cooling system that extends the life of the pump and ensures optimal performance in challenging conditions. The removable panel offers easy installation and access to controls, making maintenance and adjustments simple and convenient. The membrane keypad has large keys that are easy to find and press accurately.

Product Features

  • Permanent Magnet Motor (PMM)
  • Retro-Fit Replacement
  • 3L Strainer Basket
  • 316 Stainless Steel Shaft
  • 316 Stainless Steel Mechanical Seal
  • 1.5″/2.0″ Union Connection
  • IPX5 Waterproof Standard

Special Design for E-Turbo Variable Speed Pump

Air Ventilation

The motor has fins extending out from the engine to pull heat away. Cool air is then forced over the fins. The back cover formed a ventilation path around the motor to keep air flowing to the hottest areas. Improve Cooling efficiency.


Special Design for PMM Motor

The PMSM motor has an integrated PCB design, reducing the motor size by 20%. This allows the pump to achieve a streamlined and concise design. The motor has a high efficiency of up to 86%, surpassing industry standards. The rotor is specially designed (Patent) and processed to not only improve the reliability, but also enhance its stability, ensuring quiet and smooth operation.

New Connectivity and External Smart Control

  • Wi-Fi Direct (AP mode) or Home Network STA Mode
  • RS485 communication port

Wi-Fi connectivity:

1. IEEE802.11, 2.4GHz, b/g/n
2. Internal antenna, open area 25m
3. Data throughput 300Mbits


1. Enables connecting a master (PC) and several slaves (EPV or SPV Pumps).
2. RTU over RS485 communication port
3. Support all standard Modbus protocoal equipment
4. Isolated AB data bus
5. Max Baud Rate 9600bps

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