Union Set

Sets and parts for replacement

Max Filter-MFV Series

For residential and semi-commercial pools

With O-ring

Code: 89280105
1.5” Union with O-ring

Code: 89023801
1.5” Union with O-ring for SPH

Code: E190102
1.5” Union with O-ring

Code: 89280101
1.5” Union with sight glass and O-ring

Code: E190201
2” Union with O-ring

Code: 89030201
32mm & 38mm Union with O-ring


Code: 01171160
2” Union Adaptor

Code: 01013147
2.5” Nut for Connector

Code: 01171158
2.5” Union Adaptor

Code: 01013045
38mm Connector

Code: 01013053
32mm Connector

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