Superior SSC Series Salt Chlorinator

For residential and semi-commercial pools

Max Filter-MFV Series

For residential and semi-commercial pools


The Superior SSC represents a significant product upgrade that consolidates many years of design and user experience with salt chlorination. The power supply controller arrives in a fresh and modern design offering a more user-friendly interface together with advanced system protection programs to deal with a wide variety of operating environments. The Superior SSC is an ultimate robust and reliable salt chlorinator for residential pools and semi-commercial pools.

Product Features

  • Three models for different pool sizes: 15, 25, 45g/hr
  • Improved user interface and system status indication
  • Adopts higher operation temperature with upgraded electronic components
  • Programmed for high-temperature protection to prevent system overheating due to high salt level or high ambient temperature
  • Monitors and controls cell output current to prevent overloading and temperature rise
  • Simple display of error messages for easy service:
    • Controller overheating
    • The thermal sensor cable is disconnected
    • AC line fault or fuse is broken.
  • Self-cleaning reverse polarity
  • Quality titanium cells
  • Models with time clock and/or pool light transformer is available
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