Grating and Floor Pad

Grating and Floor Pad

Grating System


Transversal PP Grating (DE28 Series)

This transversal grating offer safetey grip and minimize the gap to prevent injury. It can be used in commercial and residential pools. This sturdy and cost-effective gratings have been used in many overflow systems.

Zigzag Type Grating (DE26 Series)

This Zigzag type grating has a heavy-duty construction that offers a long product life. The zigzag shape provides a smooth surface and solid support in both straight and curved installation.

Curvable Grating (DE25 Series)

Emaux Pool Fittings Curvable Grating DE25 Series

This curvable grating snaps together by a single spine permitting maximum flexibility. It can be easily adapted to most free-form pool shapes. The nonslip surface and solid support increase the grating’s safety and durability.

Curvable PP Grating (DE29 Series)

This modern design curvable grating is made of PP material to achieve both sturdy and cost-effective. It has the most popular demensions and functions to fit in your designs of different pool shapes.

Floor Pad (DE30 Series)

The floor pad is made of high-strength corrosion proof PVC that resists chipping and cracking. It is portable and can be easily installed on a pool deck or changing room floor. The colourful floor pads create a soft and nonslip surface to ensure the safety of your facility.

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