Chemical Feeder

For residential and commercial pools

Max Filter-MFV Series

For residential and semi-commercial pools


Emaux high capacity feeders offer a user- friendly solution for sanitizing large residential and commercial swimming pools using either chlorine or bromine tablets. They are heavy duty and able to provide automatic sanitization for pools up to 608,000 liters. Both in-line and off-line plumbing installations are available in 2 sizes.

MODEL: CL-01 & CL-02 (In-line)

MODEL: CL-01 (In-line)
10 ppm —– 25000L pool
5 ppm ——- 50000L pool
2.5ppm —– 100000L pool
MODEL: CL-02 (In-line)
10 ppm —– 27000L pool
5 ppm ——- 54000L pool
2.5ppm —– 108000L pool

MODEL: CL-01A & CL-02A (Off-line)

MODEL: CL-01 A (Off-line)
10 ppm —– 45000L pool
5 ppm ——- 90000L pool
2.5ppm —– 180000L pool
MODEL: CL-02A (Off-line)
10 ppm —– 49000L pool
5 ppm ——- 98000L pool
2.5ppm —– 196000L pool

MODEL: CLL-50 & CLL-75

MODEL: CLL-50 (In-line)
10 ppm —– 95000L pool
5 ppm —— 190000L pool
2.5ppm —– 380000L pool
MODEL: CLL-75 (In-line)
10 ppm —– 152000L pool
5 ppm ——- 304000L pool
2.5ppm —– 608000L pool

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