NL Series Commercial Filter

For competition swimming pool, aquatic park, aquarium, spa, fountain and water treatment plant

NL Series Commercial Filter

For competition swimming pool, aaquatic park, aquarium, spa, fountain and water treatment plant


The filter tank is manufactured of durable, non-corrosive fiberglass and resin, with automatic bobbin winding technology, UV resistant composites, which allow the filter to operate under extreme weather conditions.

Product Features

  • Tank Material: Bobbin-wound Reinforced Fiberglass

  • Max operating pressure 36psi(2.5bar), 58psi(4.0bar)

  • Max temperature of 43°C(109°F)

  • Filtration System laterals / nozzles

  • Multi-construction layers: non-corrosive and chemical protective
  • UV resistance, suitable for operation under prolonged sunlight
  • High filtration standard with deep sand bed
  • Bobbin wound fiberglass reinforcement with polyester resin
  • Available with laterals or nozzle plate system for air scouring capabilities
  • Optional accessories includes sight glass, manhole, union drain, and air purge.


Light and Easy Handling

Long Service Life

Low ratio of Thermal Expasion

Nil Maintenance

Chemical Resistance

Non-Electrical Conductive

UV Resistance


1.Manhole Lateral Manhole for easy access to internal system maintenance and service
2.Sightglass Allow great observation on media status and backwash effect
3.Flange Heavy duty FRP flange connection in either ANSI or DIN standard
4.Manometer High quality pressure gauge to monitor the pressure inside the filter tank
5.Union Drain A quick discharge point of water and filter media
6.Lateral System Constructed by ABS+PP material with rigid structure and 0.4mm slit
7.Air Vent Valve Automatic release of air bubbles in the filtration system
8.Base Flat base increase the stability

Optional Accessories:

Air purge: 20mm

Code: E012054

Sightglass: 114mm

Code: E012072

Manhole: Dia.400mm

Code: 4105067252

Manhole: Dia.500mm

Code: 4105064354

Laterals System

Nozzle System

Flange connection standard optional: GB(HG20592 PN1.0MPa) or ANSI(ANSIB16.5(1988)C150)

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